Victoria Beckham Joins Twitter

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REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Victoria Beckham, the fashion designer formally known as Posh Spice, has joined Twitter ahead of New York Fashion Week, amassing more than 120,000 followers in just six days.

A Sep. 2 plea from Desperate Housewife @evalongoria helped nudge up Becks’ tally.

Hey everyone, my dear friend Victoria Beckham is finally on twitter! Give her a warm welcome! @vbfashionweek

Socialite @KimKardashian took Eva’s advice on Sep. 4.

OMG one of my fashion icons has joined twitter! Fashion week is now every week with Victoria Beckham on here! Follow @vbfashionweek NOW!

Buoyed by her celebrity pals, Mrs. David Beckham has entered the Twittersphere with the confidence of a woman who can squeeze herself into a rubber band—a woman who isn’t afraid to mix fake tan with hair extensions.

Leaving for UK tomorrow “Airport is my runway!!!” Can’t wait for fashion week! In love and light x VB

A few days later, when she flew back to New York, we learned that she likes to cross the Atlantic in vintage André Courrèges, shoes from Miu Miu and sunglasses from her own label. The first image she posted was of her pet bulldog wearing a pink bow and nail polish (it’s already been viewed more than 50,000 times). – Introducing Coco Beckham! check out the red nails!! in love and light, vb xxxx

Tweeter @LarryA3rd wasn’t amused.

@vbfashionweek  om friggin g, you painted the bulldogs nails….what a shame. It’s a BULLDOG. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL!

Despite the occasional gaffe, NewsFeed is falling in love with the former Spice Girl all over again. Sure, she’s publicly bragged about the size of her husband’s genitalia and we’re still angry that she coaxed us into sitting through Spice World back in 1997. But  a recent profile in the New York Times reminds us that as a fashion designer she seriously deserves to be taken seriously.

In just four seasons the gamine mother-of-three has overcome skepticism from the fashion elite to become a staple of fashion’s front row. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lopez have walked down red carpets wearing her curvaceous cocktail dresses. And sales exceeded $7 million last year—no small change for a company born amid a luxury downturn.

Her success is tempered by humility. “I’m very aware that I’m working my way up the ladder,” she said in that profile. “I have a long, long way to go.”

She can rest easy knowing she’s climbed a few rungs in recent months. As she points out on her Twitter feed, the British Fashion Council recently shortlisted her label for its prestigious Designer Brand of the Year award, along with fashion heavyweights Burberry and Mulberry. We’re not betting against her.

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