Pastor Terry Jones Will Never Burn a Koran

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John Raoux / AP

At least that’s his story this week.

The Florida pastor who gained notoriety with his proposed “Burn a Koran Day” that was scheduled for today in memory of 9/11, has told NBC’s “Today” show that the plan is definitely off. Announcing that he feels that he has accomplished his mission of demonstrating “that there is an element of Islam that is very dangerous and very radical,” he no longer thinks the burning is necessary.

Jones’ original plan to decimate Korans has resulted in an overkill of press coverage and sparked debates about freedom of religion and speech. Americans found themselves characterized by the radical pastor as Muslims across Pakistan and Afghanistan held protests, where more than a few American flags were burned. (See more on Christianophobia here.)

Meanwhile, according to CNN, Jones is attempting to arrange a meeting with the imam in charge of Park51, the Islamic community center near ground zero in New York.