Reading While Eating for September 13: Just Dance, But Don’t Share it on Facebook

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The "Tribute in Lights" illuminates the sky over lower Manhattan on the ninth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, September 11, 2010.

REUTERS/Eric Thayer

In your Monday must-reads, check out stories about Jon Stewart, Twitter and Obama.

Laughing Matters: New York magazine’s cover story this week looks at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which is gaining punch in sour political times. (New York)

Turning Tricks: Columbia University sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh debunks five myths about prostitution, in light of Craigslist removing its Adult Services section. Turns out, nobody was soliciting prostitutes through Craigslist anyway. (Washington Post)

Beyond a Facebook Profile: Since The Social Network comes out next month, the media is exploding with in-depth looks at the people behind Facebook. This time, The New Yorker has a fascinating look at founder Mark Zuckerberg, who talks privacy while reporter Jose Antonio Vargas explores personal details of his life. (New Yorker)

Twitter Talker: The man behind the satirical @BPGlobalPR finally reveals himself. He’s L.A.-based comedian Josh Simpson, and is working to launch a new website where users can submit their own satire. (The Awl)

Fun Fact: President Obama doesn’t actually do much work in the Oval Office. He prefers the Treaty Room and the President’s Study. (Slate)

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Must See: In this Samsung commercial, a little girl’s dance catches on.