Sweden Launches National Chlamydia Day

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A cell infected with (Chlamydia trachomatis) bacteria.

Getty Images

Happy Chlamydia Day!

No, NewsFeed isn’t celebrating the clap. We’re toasting Sweden’s national campaign to raise awareness about the sexually transmitted disease that, beyond causing a lot of discomfort down there, can lead to infertility.

The nation that brought you IKEA and ABBA launched its “Chlamydia Monday” campaign with a cheeky website this morning. Visitors can e-mail family, friends and one-night stands reminders to get tested. Animated videos ask, “Did you forget your condoms this summer?” and depict  bunnies fornicating, birds shagging and teddy bears involved in role play. It’s certainly attention grabbing.

“The day is needed to increase awareness and get more people to test themselves,” Viveca Urwitz of the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control said.

Up to four people contract chlamydia every hour in Sweden. During the first six months of this year, health authorities recorded more than 17,000 cases. (via The Local)