Apocalypse on the Mississippi: Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Found Dead

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NewsFeed is hardly an expert, but when the amount of dead fish floating in a river makes it look like a gravel road, there might be a problem.

The lower Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico was the site of a ghastly sight this weekend: scores of lifeless fish floating on the surface. Unusual for a large-scale fish death, the casualties were made up of many different fish species crabs, as well as crabs, eels and one dolphin.

Typically, mass ichthyic deaths in the Mississippi are often caused by low levels of oxygen in the water (or hypoxia), caused by natural nutrient run-off. But because of the size and scope of this kill, some locals are speculating that the event may have been related to the BP oil spill in the region.

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser has requested EPA testing to determine the cause of the kill. Previous studies have suggested hypoxia is also caused by pollution, global warming or run-off from fertilizers. (via AOL News)