Reading While Eating for September 15: A Tea Party with Oprah and Colonel Sanders

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A boy performs Mallakhamb (gymnast's pole) during a practice session at a playground in Mumbai September 13, 2010. Mallakhamb is a combination of traditional Indian gymnastics and martial arts and it can be traced back to the 12th century. For centuries, the sport has been dormant but is now regaining popularity in the country. This old sport helps one to be more agile, improves mind and body coordination as well as overall fitness. The group will perform during the opening and closing ceremonies at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, according to their coach.

REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Today’s top links teach us about China, Republicans and the craziest Oprah fans out there.

Decaf Tea: Lessons from yesterday’s primaries: Republicans don’t like their own party’s leaders, the GOP presidential race will focus on far-right politics and the media is going to go crazy about it. (The Atlantic)

Into Thin Air: A 727 plane that missing in Angola. It hasn’t been seen since 2003, despite investigations by the FBI, CIA and many others. Check out an in-depth look into the missing aircraft. (Air & Space)

New Media: Chinese officials are finally acknowledging the country’s 70 million bloggers, who are lifting the veil of secrecy from China’s affairs. (New York Times)

Shifty Shipments: Identity theft doesn’t just harm your credit cards. Scammers found one woman’s address, then constantly shipped stolen goods to her. (MSNBC)

High-Pitched Hollywood: If you haven’t heard of squeaky-voiced Fred, you don’t have kids. But the young’uns are crazy for Bieber-haired YouTube Lucas Cruikshank, who plays his character Fred Figglehorn in an upcoming Nickelodeon movie. (Washington Post)

Real-Life Ride: A four-seated, human-powered quadcycle — with monster wheels. You definitely want this in your garage. (

Screen Shots: Get excited along with the studio audience with Faces of the Last Season of Oprah. (via Videogum)

Elsewhere on KFC’s Colonel Sanders: He’s real, and you should know his story.

Must-See: 3-D light paintings, made with iPads. (via Have you seen this)

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