Reading While Eating for September 16: Bed Bugs and Betty White

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People carry earthen water pots as they take part in a Jhulelal Chaliha procession in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad September 15, 2010. Jhulelal Chaliha, a 40 day-long fasting festival of the Sindhi community, ended on Wednesday with a colourful procession of earthen pots carried by thousands of male and female devotees on their heads for what they say the betterment of their family and society. REUTERS/Amit Dave (INDIA - Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Today’s best links get peaceful, go to Jersey and figure out those new-fangled telephones.

Give Peace a Chance: President Jimmy Carter argues that North Korea seems willing to compromise with South Korea and the United States to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. (New York Times)

From the Archives: Mark Twain’s first impressions of the telephone, published in The Atlantic in 1880: A phone conversation is “one of the solemnest curiosities of this modern life.” (The Atlantic)

Jonesing for Jersey: With Jersey Shore, Boardwalk Empire and the Real Housewives, is New Jersey the new pop-culture hot spot — or has it always been in style? (Vanity Fair)

Daily Depression: Feeling too happy today? Check out this single-serving Tumblr that showcases photos of lone diners. (Table For One)

Killing with Kindness: The fashion world is known for being cutthroat and catty. So why is everyone nice all of a sudden? (Slate)

Elsewhere on See glamour shots of bed bugs, the pest of the year.

Must-See: We all love Betty White. But she’s getting up there in age. Join the movement to just let her breathe for a second. (via Urlesque)