Unicorn Watch: They Exist… in Laos

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So apparently they captured an Asian unicorn in Laos.

According to CNN, the mythical creature, also known as a saola, was discovered in August and taken to a nearby village in Laos’ Bolikhamxay province. By the time a team of conservationists arrived to check on the animal, it had “weakened from its time in captivity” and died. A picture of the elusive unicorn is shown above. I’m no animal expert, but something about this photo that strikes me as odd. This unicorn seems to have two horns.

A unicorn is a majestic horse-like creature—probably a white, although pink or purple would count too—with a beautiful horn in the middle of its forehead. The saola, on the other hand “resembles an African antelope” but is genetically related to wild cattle. The animal is so rare that the last confirmed sighting occurred 10 years ago. The World Wildlife Federation estimates that there are less than 500 saola in existence.

So basically, Laotians captured an endangered animal and then it died.

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