Road Rage Goes Electronic With New App To Connect Drivers

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Did the Hummer in the next lane just cut you off? Obscene gestures are so 1990. Send your choice words to the driver via text message., a new social network for the road, can connect you to another driver by their license plate number. Sadly, in order to receive your commentary on their driving performance drivers must register for a account, as Bump functions as an email account for your car. (More on 20 Money-Saving Apps)

Bump’s site touts that the idea for the app is rooted in a community watchdogs, not insults. “Have you ever wished you could get a hold of the person driving next to you and tell them something was wrong with their car?” It also boasts its help to your love life: “Have you ever been at a stoplight and a really cute girl was in the car next to you? Now, you can do the unthinkable and and actually make a connection with her and hundreds of other drivers you pass on the road daily.”

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Once set up with an account, users are able to preference their own way to receive or send messages; who you accept messages of is entirely up to you. But, even if you’d love to tell that guy guy behind you exactly what he can do with his louder-than-life ode to the Top 40 charts, chances are, he’ll never receive it. But hey, at least you got it off your chest?