Amy Winehouse’s Twitter Feud: A Career Kick-Start?

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Ian Gavan / Getty Images

Amy Winehouse watches The Libertines perform live at The Forum on August 25, 2010 in London.

Admit it. You’ve missed her, haven’t you?

The British singer, whose surname was memorably summed up by Russell Brand as, “beginning to sound like a description of her liver,” is never far from controversy and she’s now lashed out at her former collaborator, the producer Mark Ronson. After he gave an interview last week on the BBC, saying he’d “created” the songs on Back to Black (TIME’s album of the year in 2007, no less) out of Winehouse’s song demos, she’s now supposedly taken to Twitter and hit back: “ronson you’re dead to me; one album i write an you take half the credit- make a career out of it? don’t think so BRUV”

While Twitter hasn’t verified the @amyjademermaid account, the tens of thousands of followers (including her own father) and the fact that it hasn’t been removed does give credence to its authenticity. Indeed, a new Tweet this morning suggests that Winehouse might be feeling ever so slightly guilty: “ronson i love you; that make it better? you knoww i love you- it’s a jew thingz x whup rza”

And more significantly, could Ronson’s remark be the spark that galvanizes the singer and makes her complete her highly anticipated third album before the supposed January deadline?