Keanu Reeves Wants to do Bill & Ted 3

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Actor Keanu Reeves

REUTERS/Fred Thornhill

What might make Sad Keanu not so sad? Doing another Bill & Ted movie, that’s what.

Reeves told MTV that he’d love to reprise the role of Ted that he played in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1989 and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey in 1991 and that the movies’ original screenwriters, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, were interested in giving another script a go.

If the movie were released in 2014 it would coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original movie as well as the 50th anniversary of Reeves’ birth, which he finds fitting.

You can see the video of Reeves’ chatting with MTV here. Note how very un-sad he is at the notion of the movie. He even seems downright jolly! (via the Guardian)