Reading While Eating for September 21: Cars, Facebook and Mad Men

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Members of the Dutch Royal guard of honour rehearse in front of the Kurhaus Hotel ahead of the Dutch 2011 budget presentation by guiding their horses through smoke and gunfire on the beach at Scheveningen September 20, 2010. Dutch Queen Beatrix will present the budget in The Hague on September 21.

REUTERS/Michael Kooren

Today’s links are gorging on high-calorie food, playing with Legos and wasting precious minutes of the day.

Gender Game: Some Afghan families dress daughters as little boys, citing factors like social pressure, economic need and superstition. (New York Times)

Taking Action: Amanda Enayati was robbed. But instead of just sitting idly about it, she took to Craigslist, MySpace and dating sites to track down the man who stole her stuff. (Salon)

Fact or Fiction: Have you heard there’s a Facebook movie coming out? If you’ve been on the Internet in the past year, you definitely know. But the making of the film itself is as complicated and scandalous as the founding of Facebook itself. (New York)

Gross and Gluttonous: The Double Down is like carrot sticks compared to these high-calorie meals at chain restaurants. (Washington Post)

Spoiler Alert: A video eulogy for a beloved character on Mad Men. Do not click if you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode. (The Daily Beast)

Listen to This: YouTube darlings Pomplamoose have a new “video song,” where what you see is exactly what you hear. It’s predictably adorable. (

Time Waster: Have six spare minutes? Get your creative juices flowing with a timer and a random prompt, and write a story. (Six-Minute Story, via Metafilter)

Elsewhere on See pictures of the best cars for 2011.

Must-See: This ad for Lego recreates London with the iconic blocks. (via BuzzFeed)

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