Study: Men Don’t Notice If Women Wear High Heels

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What is love worth? It’s one of the universal, unanswerable questions we answered for you yesterday (you’re welcome by the way). But ladies, here’s one revelation about what might not be worth it:  Enduring the agony of high heels.

Researchers at Northumbria University have found that men cannot tell whether women are wearing high heels when they walk. (Meanwhile, another survey today shows that 1 in 4 Americans remain “plugged in” to the Internet during sex)

The study is part of a larger investigation in evolutionary psychology, examining the signals men and women send when they walk or dance.

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Why focus on heels? The researchers wanted to know whether the changed posture that comes with high heels — longer legs, accentuated rear and tilted torso — get noticed by men. Turns out, not so much. Think about that next time you pick up a pair of stilettos.

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