Gadget Addiction: Survey Says 25% Of Americans Stay ‘Plugged In’ During Sex

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Has our appetite for the Internet surpassed our appetite for sex?

According to a survey released by computer security firm PC Tools, nearly a quarter of Americans see nothing wrong with being “plugged in” during sex. (Check out 18 awesome iPhone games)

Conducted by Harris Interactive, the survey also claims that 29% of U.S. citizens don’t have a problem with checking their mobile devices during weddings, while 41% are okay with connectivity during family dinners. Though the firm’s definition of “plugged in” is hazy and the number of participants of the survey is unknown, according to Harris, Americans say they’d rather get a colonoscopy than deal with a computer with a virus. (That, at least, we can agree with.)

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“While some of these results may seem amusing, they show that staying connected is a very serious issue to many, no matter what the circumstance,” said PC Tools vice president of marketing Stephanie Edwards. “It is also noteworthy how we entrust our computers and the Internet with our most intimate details — even if we don’t have the time or inclination to worry about computer maintenance or safety.”

(via The AP)