Beer Lovers, Celebrate: It’s Arthur Guinness Day!

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REUTERS/Peter Macdiarmid

Despite the thundering clouds of economic grief that rain upon the treasured island of saints and scholars, today the Irish have something to smile about.

At 5:59 p.m this afternoon, the offices will shut and the pubs will open to a flurry of customers ready to celebrate the birth of one of the greatest inventors the world has ever known, Arthur Guinness, the man behind “the black stuff” itself.

After the huge success of Arthur’s Day in 2009, which celebrated Guinness’s 250th , Diego, the mastermind marketing firm behind the brand, decided to make it an annual occasion. A number of musical events and traditional frolics have been arranged throughout the capital city as well as further celebrations in Galway and Cork.

For those circulating even an ounce of Irish blood – or if you just like beer – commemorate his legacy and have a pint. Let “the craic” commence.