Americans Top U.K. Film Industry List

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REUTERS/Henry Romero

Box office takings might not have been as boffo as in previous years, but when it comes to who’s hot in the movie industry, Hollywood’s influence continues to reach far and wide.

Further proof, if it were really needed, came Friday with the Guardian‘s first ever Film Power 100 list. It was headed by director James Cameron, who can claim $4.6 billion in worldwide takings for Avatar and Titantic. He’s followed by fellow director Steven Spielberg, with third place going to Leonardo DiCaprio, who has worked with both of them. In fact, the first Brit to make an appearance is in the form of another director — and Leo’s worked with him too — Christopher Nolan, in sixth spot (John Lasseter and Brad Pitt fill out the top five).

Other notable stats: the highest woman on the list is Angelina Jolie, at 18 (NewsFeed trusts this won’t lead to any Brangelina tension at breakfast today), and the increasing influence of U.S. TV is seen with the inclusion of the creators of Lost (JJ Abrams) and The West Wing (Aaron Sorkin) at numbers 13 and 21 respectively (of course, these guys also work in film). And the biggest shock of all? There’s no place in the list for Tom Cruise. But in possibly a nod to TIME’s Person of 2006, feel free to pat yourself on the back as position 100 is filled by “You.”

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