Introducing the ‘Emergency’ Bra-Turned-Face Mask

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In the face of a disaster, are you prepared? Not unless your bra doubles as a face mask.

Dr. Elena Bodnar, originally from the Ukraine, developed the Emergency Bra after being inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. The bra is meant to be removed, separated into two cups, and turned into two face masks. According to CNET, the masks can filter out chemicals as harsh as the ones at Chernobyl.

Next week, the device will be installed at the MIT museum, and is available for just $29.99 online. Men, feeling left out? Bodnar says there will be a counterpart device for men. A jock strap, perhaps?

In 2009, Bodnar took home an Ig Nobel Prize for Public Health for the bra. Her acceptance speech, and demonstrations on actual Nobel Prize recipients, is above.