Reading While Eating for September 27: Gangsters, Beards and Sesame Street

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Christie's employees pose for a photograph with a Lehman Brothers sign at Christie's in central London September 24, 2010. Various items are on display before the auction of Lehman Brothers: Artwork and Ephemera, which will take place on September 29.

REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Monday’s links write poems, come back from the dead and try desperately to be the new Old Spice guy.

Gangster Greatness: Twenty years after the making of Goodfellas, the cast and crew talk about the mobster classic in this oral history. (GQ)

From the Dead: What if John Lennon had survived? Vanity Fair stages a hypothetical interview with the Beatle as he turns 70. (Vanity Fair)

Prime Poetry: As James Franco’s portrayal of Alan Ginsburg hits theaters, Fred Kaplan takes a look at how Ginsburg’s poem “Howl” changed the world. (Slate)

Web Hits: The Internet cringes on a daily basis when big companies try — and fail — to make their ads go “viral.” So what’s the blueprint for the next Old Spice Man? (Advertising Age)

Hat Battle: Did SNL‘s sketch “Ladies Who Lunch” rip off Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job? Tim thinks so. (New York)

Today’s Tumblr: Take artsy photos and high fashion, add a gnome and a sprinkling of gloomy looks, and you get Gnome Life, full of photos of the hipster-iest gnome you’ll ever meet. (via Urlesque)

Reel Life: Justin Timberlake and Julia Roberts have acted in true-life movies this year. But do they actually look like the people they portray? (LIFE)

Success Story: Remember the Trololo Guy? He’s back in the spotlight — in a big way — in Russia, performing his hit song on a variety show there. (

Elsewhere on Now that Katy Perry’s skit with Elmo has been pulled from Sesame Street, check out the Top 10 Celebrity Sesame Street Songs to hold you over.

Must-See: What if you could apply a beard like shaving cream? This stop-motion film explores the option. (via Have You Seen This)

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