Tweetvangelism: The Bible Translated For Twitter

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It’s definitely no NIV. A new Biblical translation is written wholly in twee speak – a chapter-by-chapter summary, each in 140 characters or less.

Called the T140, or The Twitter 140 Bible, the new project from author Scott Douglas (Quiet, Please! Dispatches From A Public Librarian) will attempt to condense each chapter of the Bible into one 140-character tweet. The idea for the new translation was born after wondering what the Ten Commandments would look like if presented as a Twitter entry, Douglas wrote in a blog post. “This is what I came up with: <3 God,<3 no other god,dont b a idol,dont say God’s name in vain,sabbath holy,honor parents,no murder,no adultery,no false witness,dont envy

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Over the next few months, Douglas will present his summary of the Bible through Twitter account, @The140Bible, beginning with The New Testament’s Mark. “It’s not in chronological order because I want to keep things interesting,” Douglas wrote. “Even at 140 characters, Chronicles is boring! To sound trendy, I’ll call it “tweetvangelism.”‘

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Tweetvangelism, indeed. Religious outreach is no stranger to social media with thousands of Facebook pages and Twitter feeds spouting spiritual messages to the online community – church goers and non. Religious leaders now offer sermons through weekly podcast series or YouTube videos – even creating their own brand of viral material aimed as outreach. (Baby’s Got Book, anyone?) And hey, even the Pope’s online. I guess we’ll call it Religion 2.0.