Video Emerges of Emergency Landing From Inside Plane

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They say that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. That surely applies double to any landing you can walk away from despite shooting video because everyone onboard is fearing for their lives.

A pair of plucky passengers aboard a Delta flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to White Plains, New York had the wherewithal (if not common sense) to film the final moments of the aircraft’s emergency landing Saturday night at John F. Kennedy Airport.

They were treated to those ominous phrases you only ever want to experience via the movies not in person.  “Brace for impact,” a voice booms over the intercom before presumably a stewardess takes over: “Heads down! Stay down! Heads down! Stay down!”

According to the recording of the pilot’s conversation with air traffic control, the flight experienced landing gear problems. Miraculously, not only was danger averted but no injuries were reported either. As the captain profoundly put it, “we have 64 souls on board.” Amen to that.