Did Sarah Palin Get Booed On Dancing with the Stars?

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From what it seemed on last night’s episode, the Dancing with the Stars audience may not have been too fond of one contestant’s Mama Grizzly.

Sarah Palin made a brief appearance on last night’s Dancing with the Stars, cheekily referred to as a “special ballroom commentator” as she cheered on her daughter, Bristol. She also appeared in a taped segment, as Bristol went home to Wasilla, Alaska to visit her family.

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But right before her live appearance, contestant Jennifer Grey and her partner were backstage hearing their scores. They were decent, but they heard boos, and audibly wondered why. Then, the camera cut immediately to Palin. The question was — were the judges booing because they wanted a higher score for Grey, or were they directed at Bristol’s mother? Naturally, ABC insists they were just rooting for Grey.

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Either way, Bristol didn’t let it get her down; her quickstep got top reviews from the judges, earning 22 points.