Ladies, Sport Your Pepper Spray In Style

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Fend Off Attackers in Style With Pepper Spray Ring

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Forget clutching an unsightly can of pepper spray. On that late night walk home ladies can now defend themselves in style by sporting a new ring to fend off attackers, reports Wired. The $44.99 ring, which comes in both gold and silver, is designed to appear to be a regular decorative piece of jewelry with a dark stone and comes with a special treat of pepper spray inside.

The way to activate it is quite tricky though.  By wearing it on your dominant hand,  you open a safety latch and depress the trigger with your thumb to release the spray. With effects lasting for 45 minutes, your attacker will be stopped in his tracks and experience coughing, choking, sneezing, nausea and the inability to see. (See the top 10 awesome gadgets from the world of James Bond)

And if you’re not satisfied with this “stunning ring”, why not try the undercover lipstick pepper spray or magnum police pen?