NFL Turns Its Marketing Attention to Female Football Fans

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A pair of female fans showcase their love for Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow.

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Don’t worry, ladies. NewsFeed knows what you’re thinking: it’s about time.

The commercials have permeated televisions across the world: “If you want the NFL, go to the NFL.” For women in search of clothing tailored to their shapes and styles, that prophecy has been easier said than done.

Professional football has devoted $10 million to a new campaign that focuses on products for and ideas from female fans. NPR released a report on Tuesday, detailing the offerings that include everything from nail polish to yoga mats.

Despite the fact that women are ineligible receivers on the field, they represent a strong percentage of the crowds filling stands across the league’s 31 stadiums. The AP notes that females make up 44 percent of the NFL’s fan base, and since 2004, women’s clothing sales have doubled.

With that in mind, the NFL spent the last month piloting its first store for females in New Orleans. While the move was a temporary four-week venture, WDSU-TV reports that the experiment was a success, leaving open the possibility of more future stores. The video above gives a sneak peek at some of the choices that were available.

Curiosity in full force? Log on to for a sampling of the campaign, as well as a chance to showcase your gameday style in exchange for prizes.