Reading While Eating for September 29: Stereotypes, Scandals and Celluloid

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Salma, 8, a flood victim, pushes her newly installed flood relief camp's tent net window in Kakar village in Dadu district, some 378 km (235 miles) from Karachi, in Pakistan's Sindh province September 28, 2010.

REUTERS/Athar Hussain

Wednesday’s links are elderly, salacious and inspirational.

Probing Profile: What makes Glenn Beck tick? Mark Leibovich takes an in-depth look at the FOX News commentator in this week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine. (NYT)

Sordid Saturation: Is the era of the sex scandal over? Many recently vilified politicians are now on the comeback trail. (The Daily Beast)

Eerie Inventions: Segway company owner Jimi Heselden isn’t the only person to be killed by his or her own device. Check out 9 others whose creations led to their demise. (The Atlantic)

The Bear Truth: One documentarian tells Nightline that most nature films twist the truth too far. Are the scenes really staged? (ABC)

Grab the Kleenex: Dan Savage has started the It Gets Better Project, where people can submit videos encouraging gay teens. The result: sad, yet uplifting, stories. (BuzzFeed)

Manly Music: Sometimes, stereotypes can be true. Internet radio service plotted out music preferences by age and gender, and you guessed it: women like “girly” artists, and men like “manly” ones. (

Country Central: The Grand Ole Opry was damaged by massive floods in Nashville. It reopened this week to great fanfare. (LIFE)

Deceitful Dirt: How accurate is your typical celebrity tabloid? Shocker: really, really inaccurate. (Gawker)

Spot-On Spoof: Take two lines of dialogue, film them in 11 different film styles, and you get a great mid-day laugh. Warning: some salty language. (

Elsewhere on It’s Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s 74th birthday. Check out the Top 10 Old Leaders.

Must-See: If Mark Zuckerberg had control over the new Facebook movie, it might look a little something like this. (via Mashable)

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