Scooting Under the Influence: Drunk Drivers Take to the Sidewalks

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Peter Carroll/First Light/Corbis

So you have a DUI in Florida and lost your license. There’s a scooter for that.

Yes, the scooter. But this is no humble Razor. These scooters put even Gob Bluth to shame. The St. Petersburg Times describes the new vessel of choice for those not technically allowed to operate a vehicle:

“They look like gas-powered mopeds, with bright candy-red and blue bodies, backrests and decorative detailing. They have headlights and window shields and go up to 20 mph…They have pedals, which may or may not be used, and run for up to 25 miles on an electric charge. They fit a state and federal description of “low-speed electric bicycles.”

Imported from China, the biggest perk to these scooters is they don’t require a license to operate. Sunset Scooters, the Clearwater, Fla. shop responsible for the trend, isn’t shy about advertising the scooter’s intended use. They’re marketed and sold as “DUI SCOOTER,” and customers receive a copy of the law stating their legality with each purchase. (See what booze looks like under a microscope.)

Stay off the sidewalks.