Introducing the $1 Million Advent Calendar

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Getting excited for Christmas? If you’re lucky enough to get given — or indeed buy for yourself — a Porsche advent calendar you jolly well should be.

The German car manufacturer, possibly spotting a gap in the market that nobody knew existed (or needed to exist), has produced just five of these $1 million advent calendars. Immediately, you’ll realize that something’s up as it stands two meters tall and is made out of brushed aluminum. So what’s behind the windows?

Among the various highlights, get set for the following goodies: a pair of 18 carat gold sunglasses, aluminum fountain pens, a lambskin jacket, a limited edition chronograph watch, a customizable designer kitchen (see picture above) and, ahem, a luxury eight-meter yacht.

Yes, that’s right: a yacht. In fairness, the yacht isn’t actually packaged but the mounted back-lit photograph will give an indication of what you’re getting. And those considerate folks over at Porsche are more than happy to do the heavy lifting. “We’ll make arrangements with the buyer as to what port he or she wants it delivered to,” Christian Weiss, Porsche Design Group’s head of public relations, told CNN.

And in case you were wondering, the one item that you won’t find behind any of the windows is chocolate.