Franzen to Destroy U.K. Copies of Freedom After Printing Error

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Stop the presses. Freedom needs Corrections. Dozens of copies of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Freedom face being pulped due to a printing error.

Speaking in London, the author of the “book of the century” told the audience that the wrong computer file was used by British printers. Franzen now urges his readers to disregard the initial release unveiled earlier this week by HarperCollins  in the U.K. and reassures his fans that the correct version will be released on Monday. Franzen also insists that all returns will receive a full refund or exchange, including postage and packaging.

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The author did not comment on whether copies printed in the U.S. – originally published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in August – were affected.  The printing company involved in the debacle contend that the error did not originate with them.

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Franzen won wide recognition for his 2001 novel The Corrections. His latest book, Freedom, has received glorious international reviews and is described as “an indelible portrait of our times.” So hold tight, U.K. — only three more nights until you too can experience the most feted novel of the season.