Pervez Musharraf Announces New Party

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REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Former Pakistan president/military ruler Pervez Musharraf¬† just revealed the launch of his new political party, the “All Pakistan Muslim League,” to a crowd of about 200 people today at the security-heavy One White Hall Place in London.

During his announcement, Musharraf also admitted to making decisions which had a negative impact on Pakistan’s citizens. “I take this opportunity to apologize,” he said. “Human beings make mistakes . . . I have confidence I can lead Pakistan toward light,” reports the BBC.

Musharraf has been living in the UK since he stepped down from power in 2008.  His new political party must be registered in Pakistan before the next scheduled 2013 elections.

The announcement has already made a major splash online; The “All Pakistan Muslim League” Facebook Page already has more than 3,500 fans welcoming him back with messages like “Welcome back sir… we have got your back, come to your land.” (via BBC)