Blonde-Only Resort Island Coming to the Maldives?

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Image from the BBC

A Lithuanian company is hoping to set up a resort island in the  beautiful Maldives that is exclusively run by blondes. Let the dumb blonde jokes begin!

The company, Olialia, is completely run by blondes and they want to extend their business model into the field of holiday making. Olialia wants to build a resort that is entirely run by a blonde staff, and would even offer special flights to the island with an all-blonde flight crew.

The business plan has faced heavy criticism, with objectors calling the idea both sexist and racist. ┬áBut Giedre Pukiene, Olialia’s managing director, denies that her company discriminates when hiring, adding that “when women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde too.”

Whether or not you are offended by the company’s strategy and even if the resort never actually comes to fruition, Olialia seems to be doing something right. The company expects to double its net profits to $10 million and is recognizable to the majority of Lithuanians.

Er, we totally take back that dumb blonde crack. (via the BBC)