Linguist Lunacy: British Tween Enunciates 24 Shades of English

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Twenty-four different voices might qualify for a personality disorder. But for this British lad, it’s just 24th nature.

He says he’s only doing this for his friends, but the unidentified author of this YouTube video knows his talent was worth sharing beyond his clique. Watch as he rattles off sometimes less than pleasant greetings in two dozen distinct accents of the English language.

With his performances ranging from a twang derived from the Welsh countryside to a halting English delivered by the native German speaker, the blonde-haired verbal virtuoso is pretty convincing, as far we are concerned.

According to this article from Science Daily, a foreign accent is less trustworthy to listeners. So if MI5, the British intelligence service, is looking for a new agent to fit in across the Anglo-speaking world, they may have met their man. (via Huff Po)