It’s Always Sunny In Washington DC: Obama To Add Solar Panels To White House

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Nomadic Luxury

We guess this makes it the “Green” House? (Yuk yuk yuk.)

In order to show his commitment to green energy, Barack Obama will soon be installing solar panels and a solar water heater at the White House, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said today. The announcement comes on the one-year anniversary of Obama’s executive order setting news standards for the federal government’s renewable energy use.

Because this is Washington, the installation will not take place right away, though Chu said they should be finished by spring. Whether Republicans will filibuster the plan is unknown. (Jokes!)

NewsFeed is generally a fan of people living by their ideals in their personal lives. (The only way to change the world is through your own actions, and all that.) However, most people don’t have as much power to influence the world as the President of the United States does; if this is the most Obama can do on renewable energy we’re going to be a little sad. Still, an example is an example! We just hope the solar panels work: We hear the weather forecast is cloudy for Democrats in DC these days.

(Via CNN, which also includes these awesome sentences: “Former President Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the roof of the White House residence during his term. They were removed during the Reagan administration.”)