SunChips Sacks Its Line of Noisy Biodegradable Bags

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Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via GettyImages

Unlike other snacking phenomenons (Pringles, perhaps?), once you popped, the fun just stopped.

Frito-Lay took a step toward making one of its healthier options have a healthier package. The company unveiled a biodegradable bag for its SunChips products, allowing consumers to not only relish the taste, but recycle when finished.

The only issue — these compostable chip bags rival your neighbor’s lawn mower. Take a listen.

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The “sound of green” is now the sound of yesterday, as SunChips has responded to complaints by returning to its past packaging. USA Today reports that the bags made an agitating noise because of an odd molecular structure. The positioning of the particles creates a more rigid container, and subsequently a disconcerted base of buyers.

Facebook has helped facilitate the angst, with more than 44,000 followers of SORRY BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG. An earlier August report by the Wall Street Journal had the new SunChips ringing in at 95 decibels of sound, which rivals a jet’s cockpit.

And then, there’s the alternative perspective of SORRY BUT I CAN’T SYMPATHIZE WITH YOU OVER THIS RIDICULOUS SNACK ATTACK. Mother Jones‘ Kate Sheppard sums up the inane side in “Why We’re Doomed” — a sign that the SunChips crusade marks a new pettish low for complainers.

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