China’s Latest Export Boom: UFO Close Encounters

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Courtesy YouTube

Rise up America! We must not allow this UFO gap to stand. (via ABC News)

2010 is apparently the year of the Chinese UFO encounter – most recently when an unidentified flying object shut down a Chinese airport on Sept. 11.

Now before you get too excited, remember that no one has officially mentioned aliens…yet. That said, this newly released footage (of unconfirmed authenticity) shows what appears to be a textbook green-man-and-flying-saucer UFO and is sparking the kind of talk across the Web that you’d expect. (But if the aliens land, will they be baptized?)


Including this mysterious sighting, which reportedly caused flights to circle the Baotou airport for about an hour last month, Chinese airports have been shut down because of UFOs three times this year. (Will the UFOs land at the Roswell UFO Festival?)

More than that: There have been eight reported mysterious sightings since June.

What is it that might keep unidentified fliers coming back for more? Peking duck? Chanel knock-offs? Or the fact that the Chinese government is conducting military exercises?

Or is it really the only wall they can see from space?