Grisly Scene in Brazil’s Google Maps Street View

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REUTERS/Christian Charisius

We’ve has seen a lot of crazy stuff on Google Maps. And we mean a lot. But this is pretty gruesome.

Though the search engine’s mapping service was just launched in Brazil, there has already been controversy and complaints as users spotted what appeared to be dead bodies when using the Street View function.

One of the images appeared to show a dead body, covered in plastic, surrounded by on-lookers and police. Another image displayed a body on a road, also covered in plastic, after seemingly being hit by a car.

Google has since removed the offending images but CNET reports that a Tumblr account has been set up, called Street Viu, where Brazilians can submit other offensive or out of the ordinary images they find.

Although, sadly for Brazil with its high levels of crime and violence, images of death aren’t necessarily out of the ordinary. (via the Telegraph)