‘Happy Coffins’ Show Optimism in Death

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The winning Happy Coffins entry, by Belgium's Ines Van Gucht.


When it comes time to go six feet under, don’t worry — be happy.

That’s the philosophy behind Happy Coffins, dreamed up by the Lien Foundation, a Singapore-based organization aiming to take stigma away from death. The foundation held a coffin-designing contest, with 733 entries coming from 33 countries. Some winners include a coffin made to look like a wine crate and one resembling a beer bottle in a jeans pocket.

The foundation started a website, Life Before Death, which touts “deathventures” like bucket lists and last playlists. “We want to lighten the atmosphere, disarm and motivate people to think about their life before death differently,” Lien spokeswoman Genevieve Kueck told AOL News. Which makes sense — if a funeral is meant to celebrate life, why not sport a cartoon casket?