Gather ‘Round Wealthy Children: The $500,000 Barbie Doll Is Here

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Barbie seems to be doing just fine after her split with boy toy Ken. (via Christie’s)

A one-of-a-kind Barbie doll created by fine jewelry designer Stefano Canturi will be featured in an upcoming Christie’s New York auction and is estimated to be worth between $300,000 to $500,000.

All interested wealthy adolescents, mark your calendars: This glitzy gal goes on sale in a mere nine days. (See the photos: Barbie’s First 50 Years)

Canturi spent four weeks designing every detail of the iconic doll from her black strapless dress to her hairstyle and makeup. The highlight of the Barbie, however, will be her collar necklace made from three carats of white diamonds and a one-carat Fancy Vivid purplish-pink diamond. Colored diamonds, according to Christie’s, command more than $300,000 per carat and is the driving factor behind the Barbie’s exorbitant estimate.

Once sold, Canturi’s rendition will become the world’s most expensive Barbie by far. As a comparison, the current record holder, Barbie in “Midnight Red,” was sold for $17,091 at another Christie’s auction  in 2006. Chump change.

This six-figure Barbie might seem excessive to most; however, all profits from the doll’s sale will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month.