Whom Would You Rather Work For: Oprah or Obama?

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Is anyone surprised that people would rather work for Oprah than for the president?

HR company Adecco polled 1,000 people to find out their most-wanted boss. Oprah and Obama were neck and neck, but Oprah pulled through with 37% of votes compared to the president’s 35%. Runners-up included Donald Trump, Michele Obama and George W. Bush. (See seven Oprah-fied celebrities.)

Among the least-wanted bosses? Tony Hayward, of BP fame, Simon Cowell and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (The survey was completed before the release of The Social Network, so he can’t blame the film for the bad PR.) Fast Company posits that CEOs generally fared poorly in the survey, and that people may just want to work for people they recognize.

NewsFeed thinks the respondents made the right choice with Oprah. After all, what other boss gives her employees iPads and massive checks as gifts?