Chilean Miners Show Media Savviness While Trapped and Draw Up Contract

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Rescue workers prepare the rescue capsule to be lowered down to hoist trapped miners out at San Jose mine in Copiapo, October 12, 2010. The first of 33 trapped miners will be pulled to safety in a capsule barely wider than a man's shoulders on Tuesday night as a two-month ordeal deep inside a Chilean mine draws to an end. REUTERS/Government of Chile/Pool (CHILE - Tags: DISASTER BUSINESS)

While they probably weren’t sure what to expect once they were rescued, they certainly knew they would be highly sought once out.

The 33 Chilean miners reportedly have called in a lawyer to draw up a contract to make sure they will equally profit from media offers to discuss their ordeal. One of the miners wrote a letter to his wife, saying that while they have already received offers to be filmed and interviewed, “we didn’t accept because we are going to form a foundation and all our daily experiences during our time down here will go into a book and other projects.” (See pictures of the dramatic mine rescue.)

The men are hoping that they’ll be able to make enough money once out of the mine so that they never have to work again. After the more than two-month long experience being trapped in the mine, that seems like a reasonable request.