Coming to a Club Near You: Disposable Shoes in a Vending Machine

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Ballerina flats

Ladies, tired of those painful feet after a night spent tearing up the dance floor and swinging from the chandeliers?  Forget that epic barefoot limp home. To soothe those aching soles, nightclubs in Munich, Germany have begun installing vending machines that sell disposable shoes.

German student Isabella Fendt came up with the idea “Ballerina to go” after experiencing one too many nights of sore disco feet herself.   Priced at just $10, clubbers get a bag to put their heels in and to match their outfits, the flat ballet shoes come in gold, silver, black and purple.  But with a recent study showing men don’t notice if women wear heels or not, NewsFeed wonders — why even bother with stilettos in the first place?

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