Worker Swept a Mile Through Sewer Pipe is Rescued

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Daniel Collins

Miners aren’t the only ones being rescued.  Just outside of Kansas City in, Missouri a man survived a mile and a half through a sanitary sewer system, reports the BBC.

Rescuers found Daniel Collins, 30, in a manhole under a golf course after a search party heard him call out, “Guys, I’m down here. Can you help me?”  Collins is currently in hospital and has been given antibiotics in case he accidentally swallowed raw sewage.

But what caused this unfortunate trip down Missouri’s finest sewers?  After in a sewer, he became unhooked from a safety line thanks to a pump station releasing storm water and sewage, which swept Collins away.  He later told rescuers he needed a couple of weeks off work and hoped his wife would not be mad at him.  Unfortunately, unlike the Chilean miners, he didn’t have time to draw up a book deal while down in the 27 inch pipe.