Reading While Eating for October 18: Liking Mad Men on Facebook

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Illuminated balloons, held by people walking, color the sky in this long exposure image in front of the U.S. Capitol during the Light The Night Walk benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in Washington October 16, 2010.

REUTERS/Molly Riley

Rub the sleep out of your eyes on this fine Monday and catch up on your web reading.

Polarizing Politicians: In an election cycle where the fringe seems to become the mainstream, take a look at the 25 biggest “wingnuts” in Congress. (The Daily Beast)

Security Breach: Be careful when farming on Facebook. A new report finds that many Facebook apps are sending your data to marketers and outside companies. (Wall Street Journal)

Like, Language: Get annoyed by tweens who say “like” five times in every sentence? Chill out — the word has been used and misused for, like, centuries. (GOOD)

Toddler Techies: The hottest toy for toddlers doesn’t involve Elmo. Well, unless Elmo has an app on the iPhone. (New York Times)

Serious Business: Take a look inside ThinkGeek, a company making serious bank selling caffeine pills and gag gifts like canned unicorn meat. Seriously. (Wired)

Throwdown: AXE body spray is challenging Old Spice to a duel with this billboard, which proclaims, “For those who’d rather be with a woman than on a horse.” (

Oddball Amusements: Itching to go on a road trip? Plan it around these weird and wonderful sculptures, including a giant eyeball. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on Already missing your weekly dose of Mad Men? Watch our interview with the show’s costume designer.

Must-See: What really happens when your computer crashes? This charming, sweet, yet low-tech video attempts to explain. (via Gizmodo)