Glenn Beck Sponsoring Freeze-Dried Food For The Coming Apocalypse

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LUCAS JACKSON/Reuters/Corbis

The end times never tasted so delicious!

If you’re a regular Glenn Beck-o-phile, you may be expecting an economic collapse or the destruction of our constitution by socialists. In a word: apocalypse. So what should one keep in store for the coming catastrophe?

The TV and radio host and author is now sponsoring, a site that sells disaster prep kits for everything from a power outage and a pandemic to terrorism and unemployment. What’s in one of these kits? A quick overview of the Emergency Plus Kit ($249.99) includes:

  • A backpack
  • Cooking tin
  • 2-week food supply of “delicious” freeze-dried food
  • Reusable heat source
  • Waterproof matches
  • Dust/pollutant masks

Beck said on his radio show that he’s eaten a lot of the entrees (presumably in his walled-off mansion rather than a bomb shelter). Looking at the photos and descriptions on the site, it appears that while the world is collapsing all around you, the plating of your lasagna with meat sauce, beef stroganoff or even chicken teriyaki with rice would make Bobby Flay jealous.

Now yes, NewsFeed kids, and certainly doesn’t object to responsible Americans preparing for disasters. We just like to poke fun at individuals hawking disaster products, who then spend their days preaching about the world’s end.