Justin Bieber Hair For Everybody: The iPhone App No One Asked For

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Who says the U.S. economy is in trouble? We lead the world in iPhone app innovation!

There are iPhone apps for every niche consumer market these days. There are apps for people who need to think up pick-up lines, apps for people who really like repeating jokes from The Office and apps for people who need practice popping pimples.

But we simply cannot fathom the potential market for BieberHair, an iPhone and Android app that adds teen pop star Justin Bieber’s luscious tween-mane to any pictures on your phone, then tweets those photos. We wracked our brains, and the only possible people we could think of who needed this were:

—Apple-cheeked tween boys who wonder if they too would earn the unyielding affection of the female cohort if they only had Bieber’s flowing bowl cut

— Tween girls, who simply cannot abide any picture that does not have at least one case on Bieber-hair

— Entertainment bloggers who can only see the world as a series of Bieber-influenced traffic patterns

—Twentysomethings who like to buy apps ironically

—Paul McCartney, curious about what he would have looked like as a blond

There are literally no other groups of people in the world who would need this. (via Gizmodo)