Survey: Men Are Most Easily Manipulated After 6 P.M.

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Patience is a virtue, but timing is everything.

Ladies, whether it’s a romantic getaway, fancy new boots or the dry cleaning that you’re after, your man is more likely to grant your request after 6 p.m, a new survey shows. And guys, if you’re trying to pull the whole “bros before hos” line, don’t bring it up at 3 p.m., because that’s reportedly the best time for women to win an argument. Also, according to the poll of 1,000 people, rather than popping that apple on the bosses’ desk first thing in the morning, wait until after 1 p.m. to ask for a promotion. (For the type of boss you certainly won’t impress check out TIME’s Top 10 Worst Bosses)

The survey, carried out by the pharmaceutical corporation and contraceptives manufacturer Bayer Schering Pharma, found that 86% of the 1,019 people surveyed said they were aware of regular highs and lows in their mood swings. Evie Bentley, a psychotherapist and specialist in natural biorhythms, said: “Each biorhythm cycle is regulated by the brain, which controls what hormones and how much of each are produced in order to balance bodily function. A great deal of how a person feels physically, intellectually, and emotionally, is caused by their biorhythms.” (Learn more about happiness from The Science of Romance: Why We Love)

The findings indicate that if we pay more attention, and take full advantage of the natural emotional peaks and troughs we experience throughout the day, we are more likely to get what we want. (via Telegraph)