Reading While Eating for Oct. 20: Bookworms and Bears

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A dancer of the Saint-Petersburg State Ice Ballet of Russia waits backstage before a performance of the Swan Lake at a theatre in Hefei, Anhui province October 19, 2010.


Happy hump day! Enjoy your mid-day, mid-week break with fashion, poetry and dramatic readings of Justin Bieber.

Pointing Fingers: The intelligence community is bracing itself for a Wikileaks release of Iraq war documents. But we shouldn’t blame Wikileaks — we should blame the government’s obsession with secrecy. (Foreign Policy)

Mind Games: One man affected with Tourette’s syndrome talks about his struggles with life — and love — in this inspiring essay. (Salon)

Very Important Verse: Poetry gets a pretty bad reputation — it’s fallen into the same sleep-inducing pit as classical music. Here’s why you should still read it. (The Atlantic)

Plugged-In Pages: College kids never part from their laptops and smartphones. So why are they still crazy over textbooks? (New York Times)

Enough Said: If you don’t click after reading this headline, NewsFeed doesn’t know what to tell you: “A Bear Recaps a Clip from Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” (Vanity Fair)

Insider Info: Want to date this nerdy Yale guy? Before you walk up to him, check out this handy pamphlet he actually handed out near a party. (

Really Retro: Mad Men has created a fascination with 1960’s style. But don’t forget the fashions of the ’40s and ’50s. (LIFE)

Elsewhere on The Holy See isn’t afraid to dip a toe in the pop-culture pool. Check out the top 10 Vatican moments in entertainment.

Must-See: Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent reads Justin Bieber’s memoir with the gravity it deserves. (via