Sesame Street: Love Your Hair, Kids!

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Sesame Street does it again!

Engaging in a little bit of non-alphanumeric teaching of kids, Sesame Street has gone viral once again (and this time without Katy Perry’s cleavage.) A new video from the show that teaches little girls to be happy with what they’ve been given naturally, and simultaneously answers Chris Rock’s Good Hair has garnered 585,000 views.

The piece, entitled “I Love My Hair” has a Muppet happily dancing and singing the praises of her kinky mane while telling children that whatever they’ve got growing is okay. “Don’t need a trip to the beauty shop, ’cause I love what I got on top. / It’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there. You know what I love? That’s right, my hair!

The song has even garnered a mashup with the video and Will Smith’s daughter’s runaway hit: Whip My Hair.

The idea was inspired by Sesame Street head writer Joey Mazzarino’s five-year-old adopted daughter, Segi, who was born in Ethiopia. He noticed as she played with her dolls that she wanted long, straight blond hair, but thought only white parents of African American children had the problem until he found it was a much larger issue when he saw Rock’s comedy documentary which talked about beauty perceptions, particularly among black women. Mazzarino, chose to put together the two-minute skit to let his daughter know her hair is nice just as it is.

“She really is loving her hair right now,” Mazzarino told CNN.