The Latest Airline Cutback: First Class

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Luxurious flights are long gone already. Removing first class makes it official.

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The friendly skies are getting meaner and meaner.

USA Today reports that some airlines are scaling back on first-class seats, since fewer passengers are paying up for the extra luxury. On international flights, business and first-class seat purchases fell 16%, and many blame (wait for it) the global recession. Airlines like AirTran, Qantas and United may cut out the section entirely, while Southwest has never offered first-class seats. (See 20 reasons to hate the airlines.)

The majority of domestic flights in the U.S. only offer two sections — economy (coach) and premium (either first or business). Airlines have pumped money into premium amenities to keep customers coming. But since that hasn’t worked, many have started a “premium economy” section, which offers coach seats with more legroom. (Yet no U.S. airline makes its flight attendants dance to Lady Gaga.)

NewsFeed knows the true reason why people won’t pay up. When they’re charging us an arm and a leg to check a bag or pre-select a seat, we’re probably not going to fork over an extra $100 for a glass of wine and extra legroom. (via USA Today)