We Live in the Future: Introducing Invisible Bike Helmet

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Invisible Bike Helmet


Forget about the helmet.  Next time you hop on your bike, why not get hit by a car in style?  Swedish designers have invented a new airbag for your head.

Worn as a bulky collar around your neck, not only has it made helmet hair history, but it can be disguised as a stylish scarf and the bag explodes when you crash and surrounds your delicate head with an inflated hood.

Designed by Swedes Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin as a university thesis project, the collar contains the bag itself, helium to inflate the airbag and sensors which tell it when to fire.  These sensors constantly monitor movement and deploy the bag when you’re in danger.  Charged by a USB, you switch it on by zipping the collar shut around your neck.  To see it in action, watch the video here.

So the next time you don’t feel like riding your bike, you’ll just have to come up with another excuse– because helmet hair isn’t one of them.  (Via Wired)

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