Reading While Eating for October 25: Of Rappers, Squirrels and iPads

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Yulianna Avdeeva performs during the International Fryderyk Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Poland. Avdeeva took first prize.

REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Start the week off right with technology, bad reality TV and even a safari.

Technological Trip: Want to see the world’s wildlife, but can’t afford a fancy vacation through the jungle? Hop on board for the Google Street View Safari. (Urlesque)

Film-Set Fuss: Why is Hollywood so obsessed with iPads? (New York Times)

Pulled Together: The blog Things Organized Neatly lets you see the way your cluttered life could, ideally, look. Too bad actual work gets in the way of desk decoration. (via The Hairpin)

And Now You Know: Ever wonder how so many pseudocelebrities get shows on VH1? This infographic explains it all. (BuzzFeed)

Unlikely Models: The headline explains it all, really: “A Squirrel’s Guide to Fashion.” (LIFE)

Run and Tell That: Antoine Dodson keeps cashing in on his “Bed Intruder” fame. This time, he’s shilling for an augmented-reality iPhone app that tracks sex offenders. Which is actually appropriate. (

Elsewhere on See the 100 best gadgets of all-TIME, and cast your vote to rank the list yourself.

Must-See: Until NewsFeed has the chance to pore over this itself, check out Kanye West’s epic video for “Runaway.” You’re going to need a really long lunch break to watch this.

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