Envy This: The Company With Unlimited Vacation Time

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Ethan Miller / GettyImages

Tourists take in all the sights at the Hoover Dam.

Come to the office (or don’t come) — and feel alright.

In an era where technology leaves everything (including work) at your fingertips, some employees feel stretched thin. Then, the anomaly rolls along — an idea so unconventional that it creates an undertow of consideration. (See photos of world leaders on vacation.)

ABC New York profiled an office on its Tuesday evening newscast that is testing out unlimited vacation time for its staffers. This “social media marketing company” grants its workers the freedom to take time off, without a limited lineup of dates set in stone. Within that freedom lies the expectation that work will still be completed within its deadlines, regardless of where the team member is stationed. (See video of the TIME 100 social media roundtable.)

While the company went unnamed during ABC 7’s report, NewsFeed did some digging and found that Social Media Group is the mastermind behind the movement. The outlet helps “businesses navigate the social web” and in the process allows employees to navigate their own slate of personal circumstances.

Last August, NPR profiled a Seattle-based social media service employing the same benefit for its employees. The radio station cited a survey showing that for every 100 individuals at work, one person is reaping the benefits of the unlimited policy. NewsFeed’s conclusion? This is a start. (See 10 perfect jobs for the recession — and after.)